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Telling Your Brand Story - The Right Way (J.K. Adams)

If you were to record a 15 video on why someone should buy your product right now - what would you say? It’s a modern-day elevator pitch asking one of the most important questions for today’s specialty food businesses - and most don’t have a quick answer.

The one thing we’ve seen proven time and time again in the marketing world of today’s specialty foods industry is this: you have to clearly develop your brand. Consumers not only appreciate it, but they expect it now more than ever. Whether it’s designing a Fancy Food Show booth that attracts buyers / delights eyes, developing a tagline that effectively communicates your mission or crafting a video as to what makes your product special - the list goes on. The truth is this: people make assumptions - it’s human nature. If you don’t work intentionally and proactively to craft your own story, potential customers will make one up - whether you like it or not.

Telling Your Brand Story - The Right Way (J.K. Adams)

That's where our team at Skillet Design & Marketing often partners with clients to help. In this day and age, there is no excuse to be unclear about your brand. With modern technology and a multitude of physical and digital platforms to express your story - the possibilities are endless. Remember: the WHAT is important (i.e. your product) but the WHY is the reason people buy. Take initiative to set yourself apart, leave a memorable impression and break away from the noise on product shelves. How? Here are a few of our favorites in each realm of marketing for our client J.K. Adams., the preeminent American manufacturer of high-quality products for the kitchen and home - crafted in Vermont for over 65 years.

Telling Your Brand Story - The Right Way (J.K. Adams)

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Making an Impact on the Shelves of Costco

Here’s a scenario that we see quite often with our clients: they land a new account at a national retailer but don’t have the right shipping or point-of-purchase (POP) display box to be competitive on the shelf.  Sometimes our clients’ strategy is to get the product into the store first and figure out the product display--later. While plan may work for a while, it isn’t a true test of how well the product will sell through since the display may not be eye catching or well executed. It’s pretty likely that the product isn’t being presented as well as it could be.  Enter in Skillet’s design team to develop a solution.

This type of challenge was recently presented to us by our wonderful client, Jasper Hill Farm—the makers of the world’s most awarded and ridiculously delicious blue cheese, Bayley Hazen Blue. Jasper’s popular Harbison cheese was currently selling at Costco but the way the cheese was stacked on the shelf was probably hindering a higher sales volume. The product didn’t have a point of purchase display, making it difficult for Jasper Hill Farm to attract customers at the retail shelf.

Jasper Hill Farm Costco Packaging

We worked closely with Jasper Hill Farm to understand how the Harbison’s primary product attributes combined with the company brand and mission. Through research and creative concepting, we developed several design options that would position them stronger on the shelf. The die-line of the shipping and POP box allowed us to think about creative solutions for the outside, inside and even bottom panels. The design concept chosen by Jasper Hill Farm included bold graphics to show product uses, flavor, and even awards. On the inside panels, we incorporated beautiful landscape images from the farm to provide a sense of place related to where the products are made. On the bottom (floor) of the box, bold colors were used to contrast the light colors of the cheese packaging, but also included fun, playful copy that was readable once a cheese wheel was taken out.

Jasper Hill Costco Box Design

Keep an eye out for this new Jasper Hill Farm cheese box at Costco and grab one—or even two Haribson’s—while you are there!

Jasper Hill Costco Box Design

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