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Trend Spotting at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2017

What trends sizzled at the Summer Fancy Food Show? We rounded up some of our top picks and featured the brands. You can watch our #SSFS17 video to see the top trends. 



Alternative oils and flours are making big headlines as consumers look for creative solutions in their kitchens.


Top trending brands in Alternative Oils & Flours: Lesley Elizabeth Inc., Hammons, Primal Kitchen, NUCO, Chosen Foods, Hudson Valley, The Truffleist, Otto's, Bob's Red Mill, and Wrapioca.


Ginger continues to make a splash as more companies find unique ways to use this versatile root. This Summer Fancy Food Show also featured a large variety of water sourced from trees. Move over Maple Water...here comes Birch Water.

Brands Bringing Beverages to a Whole New Level: Asarasi, Treo, Alo, Sap!, Sapp, The Hudson Standard, The Great Jamaican, GUS, Tippleman's, and Bantam Bevy. 



There is no doubt that we are a snacking nation. Further proof of consumer's interest in quick and healthy snacks lies in the increase in small-sized snack-packs throughout today's specialty food market.

Best Brands Fueling Snack Time: JC's Pie Bites, Skinny Dipped, TK, Busseto Foods, Peanut Butter & Co., and My/Mo. 




The authentic flavors of street food are marketing their way to more mainstream consumers as food lovers continue to swap their classic at-home recipes for more eclectic meal options in an effort to satisfy diverse tastebuds.

Brands Full of Flavor: Frontera, Cafe Spice, and Tiger Tiger.



Vegan foods continue to capture the attention of consumers as more products are appealing to a broader market in the most versatile ways. Fish-free filet, anyone?

Leading the Pack in the Vegan Trend: Good Catch Foods, Vegan Rob's, Jica Chips, Maya Kaimal, and Nature's All. 




What topped our trends at SFFS16? Check out our video from the 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show. 

Custom Illustrations Across a Variety of Applications

At Skillet Creative, we love taking a deep dive into the creative process whether it is to develop a new brand and identity or evolve a brand that is ready to take the next step. Sometimes, we also stretch our creative muscles for design pieces to promote Skillet. As we prepared for another Summer Fancy Food Show, we brainstormed how we could demonstrate our unique design and illustration talents in a take-away piece that would be well received by busy Fancy Food exhibitors. Take a look at our how our creative process can benefit you at your next trade show.

Fancy Food Show



Before, even getting out the sketch pad, we research trends that are current in the marketplace today. Research is key to developing a design piece that will outlast the event.

Skillet Illustrations thumbnails


Once we find something that sticks, we create small sketches to get the concept right on paper.

Skillet Illustration Fancy Food

Clean Up

After a thumbnail hits home, we create a close-to-finished sketch so that it will be easy to replicate digitally. 

Skillet Illustration Fancy Food Color

Digital & Color Concepts

We take the final sketch and start the digital process, putting the elements into our design software so that we can explore color concepts and add the finishing touches.

marketing spots.png

Marketing Assets

The final graphics are then carried across a variety of marketing materials and digital platforms. We chose to create a drink coaster as a giveaway and used the graphic for social media, email marketing and blog posts. 

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